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kelly borowiec

Founder of Keebs Fitness

Kelly Borowiec has been recognized as a top certified trainer and fitness expert in national and international media, including Shape Magazine, WebMD, Teen Vogue, CBC News Canada, Girl's Life Magazine, WAFB 9 News, Self Magazine, Prevention and dozens of other outlets. 

Kelly holds certifications from ACE and AFFA. She is a celebrity trainer, who has worked with celebrities from The Mindy Project, Sleepy Hollow, NCIS, and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She also trains executives from Facebook, Uber, Netflix, and other Silicon Valley companies.


Kelly taught fitness classes at Harvard Business School for 2 years before founding her own business, Keebs Fitness. She has also been instrumental in the launch of multiple fitness software startups, such as Wello (acquired by Weight Watchers) and MoveMeFit.

She is a mom, and loves working with people of all fitness levels!

Connect with Kelly on  LinkedIn 

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